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This site is for you, whoever you are.

Our world is changing before our eyes. Everyday seems to provide a new tidbit of information revealing the truth of what really is happening with our economy, our banking system and the impact on real estate.  Real estate has become a new beast all together.  Understanding where you, your house, your loan, your retirement fit into this huge mess, is critical.

Now more than ever, planning is a key role for a successful real estate decision in this type of market.  Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or simply thinking about the smartest way to begin that well deserved retirement, the decisions you make in the next few years could expand your wealth or completely wipe it out.  Let’s talk about it sooner than later.

Whether handling the liquidation of multiple investment properties or just a listening ear, I am here. In the mean time, I will post concrete data to help you see through the media’s junk. It’s my job to stay in the know.  Visit back often as I will update the site with relevant information, reports and articles. This site is designed with you in mind.  As I do my research and wade through the sea of information, I’ll post interesting things I learn.

Some will win in this mess.  Will that someone be you?

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Jason Pickle, Investment and Foreclosure Specialist

Cell:  775-292-0522

Email: jasonpickle@gmail.com

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